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Why Choose Federal Metal Federal Metal Careers Federal Metal Careers Why Choose Federal Metal Federal Metal Careers Lead Free Solutions Federal Metal Careers Brass and Bronze Alloys Lead Free Solutions Brass and Bronze Alloys Brass and Bronze Alloys Federal Metal News and Events Brass and Bronze Alloys Federal Metal News and Events
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Our team is available to answer your questions and help you succeed.

Michael Bowman, Shipping
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Michael and his team of employees are the last ones to touch our ingot before being shipped to our customers nationwide and overseas. Drawing on his Army leadership training and almost 8 years of experience in leadership roles in operations, Michael supervises our cleaning, packaging, shipping, and finished goods areas to make sure you get what you ordered - and that you get it on time.

Mike Buyarski, Chief Operating Officer
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An industry expert with 30 years of foundry experience, Mike works closely with our customers to streamline molding, melting and pouring procedures and troubleshoot casting problems. Working side by side with customers in their manufacturing environment, Mike's expertise saves time, money and gets the process back on track. Mike represents the company at ASTM and AFS, where he is active in current research projects.

Karen Calo, Inventory Manager
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As the point person for expediting orders and managing the link between sales, production, and shipping, Karen ensures a solid connection between our customers’ needs and our capabilities. Karen’s attention to detail and focus on quality is a natural fit for leading the shipping department. She works hard to meet the customer requirements with every shipment, every time.

Mike Fekete, Account Executive
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An industry veteran of more than 30 years, Mike helps us provide excellent service to our customers and metal suppliers. He buys and sells for us, keeps his fingers on the pulse of market prices, and is responsible for several key accounts. With his wealth of knowledge and expertise, Mike is a key part of our commercial team.

Chris Greenfield, Vice President, Commercial
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Chris provides key leadership throughout our procurement process. This includes managing the majority of the supplier relationships, determining market pricing, negotiating contracts, and coordinating all raw materials for production. In addition, Chris contributes to the scrap trading division and gets involved in the receiving/sorting operations.

Dave Hendersen, Maintenance Manager
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Dave Henderson has been with the company for over 30 years. He is responsible for the efficient condition and performance of our equipment. Instrumental in developing our preventative maintenance program, Dave and his team directly impact the quality of our ingot and reductions in down time. A constant presence on all of our shifts, our Maintenance team maintains our parts inventory and keeps all of our equipment in good shape.  

Ken Henderson Ken Henderson, Metal Trader and Quality Control
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Ken has been with Federal Metal for over 7 years and is intimately involved in our scrap operations. Ken’s knowledge of red metals and non-ferrous material provides an important service to our customer base. If you have some red metals or other any non-ferrous scrap, Ken is interested in buying it and will provide great customer service at a fair price. If you need metal tested, Ken can help with that too. He also is involved in our receiving and quality control operations.

Terri Kelsey, Sales
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Terri's expertise on the ingot side of the business with alloys makes her invaluable to Federal Metal. With 30 years of experience in the industry, Terri knows what is most important to her customers. Full service sales from beginning to end is Terri's trademark and her understanding of the chemistry behind the product is a direct benefit to our customers.

Kyle Krakora, Technology
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Keeping us current on the latest technology to connect our team with customers and production, Kyle designs and implements our data and communication systems. With a background in data and network testing, Kyle's contributions impact the way in which we can quickly communicate information to customers, suppliers, and our employees. From phone systems to network solutions, Kyle is our go-to guy for assuring that we benefit from the latest technology solutions.

David Nagusky, Chairman and CEO
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David has guided Federal Metal toward noteworthy growth during a period of declining industry sales. With a leadership style that embraces the integral link between quality products and superior customer service, Federal Metal is poised for sustained growth. The company continues to add industry experts to the leadership team. Further evidence of Federal Metal's commitment to excellence. David's 25 years as President enabled Federal Metal to become a standard bearer, as evidenced by the introduction of Federalloy® in the 1990’s and a relentless pursuit of continuous improvement that continues today.

Peter Nagusky, President
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Peter is committed to helping The Federal Metal Company become the best in the industry. As a fourth generation owner and armed with a Masters degree in business, Peter has a mix of operations and commercial experience at the company. He spent the first seven years in a variety of manufacturing roles, ranging from shipping and receiving to plant manager. He was the primary metals purchaser and trader for several years and has been responsible for the day-to-day running of the company since 2010.

Warren Plesmid Warren Plesmid, Process Engineer
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Warren contributes in many ways at Federal Metal. He is intimately involved in health safety environmental issues. He also gets involved in process improvements and other special projects in order to increase productivity, quality and safety. His expertise in industrial gases helps us drive down manufacturing costs and his management of expansion projects helps us to analyze the various options available to us.

Rob Roth Rob Roth, Operations Manager
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Rob's responsibilities include making the blends for engineering alloys, scheduling the furnaces, and coordinating with purchasing, processing, and production to meet sales commitments. Rob began in engineering before turning his focus on the foundry industry, where he learned the operations from the ground up. With more than 20 years as a production supervisor, Rob's hands-on approach and attention to detail serve him well as he takes on more and more responsibility.

Evan Vereb Evan Vereb, Raw Materials Manager
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Evan utilizes his scrap experience on a daily basis at Federal Metals. From testing our inbound raw materials, to sorting, and to consolidating like materials, Evan is heavily involved in ensuring that the proper materials are available for production. He also is involved in marketing our secondary products and any extraneous scrap metal. Evan has been with Federal Metal for over 2 years and speaks fluent Chinese.

Rob Wittenberg Rob Wittenberg, Chief Financial Officer
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Rob Wittenberg joined Federal Metal in 2017 as its chief financial officer. Rob, a certified public accountant, started his career at Ernst & Whinney, and had subsequent stints at the BP Refinery in Toledo and Lima Ohio and PSC Metals. He recently worked as a Director of Business Development at Brady plc, a leading global provider of business software. If you have any questions regarding Federal Metal or its BAM Metals facility give Rob a call.

Meet our front office team. Angela, Christine, Johnny, and Loretta staff our accounting department, answer your calls, and provide great customer service. This team is a formidable front line for our company and a valuable resource for our customers, suppliers and vendors.
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Copper Development Association Non-Ferrous Founders’ Society American Society for Testing & Materials Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. American Copper Council American Foundry Society

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